Survival Narrative Game ‘Neo Cab’ Gets Switch and PC Release Date and New Trailer

Fellow Traveller announced that the Chance Agency developed narrative adventure, Neo Cab, will launch on October 3 on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam.

Neo Cab is described as an emotional survival game where players assume the role of a rideshare driver, Lina, in an AI-driven world. Lina happens to be one of the last human rideshare drivers but is thrown into a mystery when her friend ends up missing.

Inspired by the rise of our app-driven daily lives, Neo Cab Creative Lead Patrick Ewing is eager to confront the possible perils of our automated future saying, “What are the merits of personal, human service and why are sterile, automated interactions often presented as a core part of utopia? In Neo Cab, Lina is one of the last human drivers, and so those who get into her cab are in need of the human touch! Some of her passengers will enjoy having a conversation while they get from Point A to Point B. Others might prefer that automated utopia, and see Lina as just another node in the service mesh of automated capitalism.”

In order to survive, players will need to drive. Using the New Cab app they’ll be able to navigate the city, choose passengers, and engage with them to learn their stories. Hopefully, in time, they’ll uncover more about Lina.

The publisher released a launch day trailer that you can watch below:

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