Kingdom Hearts Ensures That There’s No Hope for That Winter Diet by Launching Cookie Set

So, we all know that 2020 hasn’t been the best year to get out and keep fit, but that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to the future. However, Square Enix is trying to ensure that that doesn’t happen by launching a Kingdom Hearts / Sable Monogram cookie set.

Now, instead of running every morning, all I can think about is how many cookies I’m going to eat while playing Kingdom Hearts Melody of MemoryThose who wish to join me can order a case from the Square Enix E-Store for ¥1,944 (around $20) from December 19 through April 2021. The product can be pre-orderer now.

The cookies themselves ship in a Kingdom Hearts branded tin with the crown logo. Incased are 10 simple and clean Kingdom Hearts designed cookies, each packed in their very own wrapper so you can pile them on your bed from mindlessly opening and eating.

Well, one thing is for sure, I’m hungry.

The upcoming game Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory borrows elements of games that we’ve seen in the past from the developer with titles like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The game features music from the series, and players can tap along to beat. However, the layout of the levels is 3D as characters seem to exist on rails as the not, displayed as enemies, come at them.

In case you missed it, you can check out our preview.

You can look at some images from the cookie tin below:

Thanks, KH13.

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