The Fanmade Persona 5 Album From Over a Decade Ago You’ve Never Heard of

In my pre-teen years, I stumbled upon an ambitious fan effort, a full custom soundtrack for Persona 5, which, at the time, was a not yet released game. I completely forgot about these songs for nearly a decade. Yet, I found them resurging in my memories as a compilation video of this soundtrack was recently recommended to me on YouTube.

For a bit of context, a YouTube channel called ATLUSxP5 mixed and formed this album as part of the “Persona 5 Imagining Project.”

A number of talented musicians collaborated on these songs, ultimately creating a soundtrack that an uninformed individual may believe to be officially part of the Persona series; it’s that good. There are even a few Reincarnation tracks, a concept from Persona 4 post-release, where several songs received official arrangements.

This whole effort is so wildly intriguing since, after listening to this album, you can gather a few ideas, intentional or not, about the general tone this Imagining Project embraced. Further, the artwork drawn for this album emphasizes a black-and-white presentation with hues of gray, serving to craft a dreary ambiance.

Regardless of your familiarity with the Persona series, I highly recommend listening to this terrific fan album. Already-established fans can glimpse what select fans wanted long ago. In contrast, others can simply enjoy some fantastic music. Some of my favorite songs are “DISTORTED MALL,” “HOTSHOT,” and “DO OR DIE.”

The channel has been inactive for roughly four years, so it’s hard to say if it’ll ever revive with new content. Still, I’m indescribably grateful for what it provided since I constantly listened to this album when I was younger.

The first track of this album, “TIGHTROPE,” from February 11, 2012, is listenable below. You can check out every song on the ATLUSxP5 YouTube channel. The videos’ descriptions each credit the respective artists.

Persona 5 Royal is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Windows and Steam. There is no planned upgrade path to PlayStation 5 for PlayStation 4 users, although you can obtain all of the DLC for free as of April 9, 2023.

This remastered release was recently confirmed to have sold over 1.7 million units worldwide.

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