Everyone’s Favorite Fairy Cirno Joins ‘Valkyrie of Phantasm’ as Playable Character

Playism announced that an update is available now for the Areazero-developed Touhou 3D action game Valkyrie of Phantasm, currently in Steam Early Access.

The update adds Cirno as a playable character, which comes with her background music. Further, new episodes have been added to the Story Mode, with episodes now available for four characters, including Cirno. Additionally, players will see a new indicator that displays the distance between them and the target.

The developer also released a roadmap that highlights their plans for the game through 2024 up to release. Players can expect to play as other characters as well, including Hong Meiling.

Valkyrie of Phantasm is a 3D action game where players choose from a roster of Touhou characters and fight using their danmaku abilities and other skills. After a meteorite crashes into Gensokya, an egg-like object is found that scatters light particles across the land. These end up within the residents, granting them access to new armor known as Valkrie Arms. This leads to the characters fighting each other and utilizing the full strength of this newfound power.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Valkyrie of Phantasm. 

You can watch the new trailer below:

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