Sci-Fi Horror Adventure ‘Boyhood’s End’ Shows Off Eccentric Cast in Character Trailer

WSS Playground released a new trailer for their sci-fi horror adventure Boyhood’s End, in development for PC via Steam for an August 2023 release.

The trailer highlights many of the characters players will meet throughout the game. Further, it shows the relationship between Giovanni, the boy with the lowest human score in the universe, and Campenella, the delinquent genius, and their journey on the galactic railroad regarding the “human” and “inhuman.”

Co-developed with buriki clock, Boyhood’s End tells the story of a boy marked as the most worthless human by the ruling AI. He sets on an adventure on the galactic railroad with a strange new friend who could be a foe.

The game will be updated in serial form, releasing a new chapter every two months.

Boyhood’s End is a juvenile sci-fi horror adventure game in which the world is ruled by a mechanical overlord, “R. Karellen.” Every aspect of every person’s life is rated with a “human score,” and R. Karellen decides everything from academic and professional careers and romantic interests to one’s daily meals.

Boyhood’s End introduces its protagonist, Giovanni, who has received the lowest human score among the human race. Every day, he receives “special treatment” for everything, including his meals and classes. On top of that, he gets bullied relentlessly by his classmates at the School, both in real life and online.

After being bullied, another student, Campanella, reaches out to Giovanni and takes him on an adventure. On their journey, the boys will meet great leaders of the past and pull reckless and destructive “pranks” on them all. Through their encounters with history, twisted mysteries, and various horrors of the world, they will eventually have to confront the end of their own childhood.

You can watch the trailer below:

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