Patapon Spiritual Successor ‘Ratatan’ Shows Off First Look at Gameplay Ahead of Kickstarter Launch

Ratata Arts released the first look at gameplay from the TVT-developed Ratatana, a spiritual successor to the rhythm adventure game Patapon.

The game development team includes Hiroyuki Kotani, creator of the Patapon series. Ratatan will be developed in collaboration with TVT and a veteran group of developers, including Nelnal (main artist), Kemmei Adachi (main sound designer), and Kenei Nakasha (director) of the .hack series.

Ratatan’s gameplay fuses rhythm and strategy as players step into the role of a conductor controlling a charming army of “Ratatan” characters through musical phrases represented by controller commands.

To succeed, button presses need to be pressed in sync with the rhythm. The game elevates its musical theme with Ratatan characters wielding musical instruments, unleashing powerful skills during battles while also modernizing the movement system without compromising the beloved four-beat attack-defense gameplay adored by fans.

Gameplay Trailer Cast:

Fortrun (Tomokazu Sugita)
Harigittan (Hika Tsukishiro)
Nyandola (Haruna Yuzuki)
Mimizukyun (Youhei Azakami)
Keroronpa (Masaya Fukunishi)
Cobun (Gaku Kato / Ann Yamane)

The Kickstarter campaign will launch on July 31 with a variety of stretch goals planned to expand the core gameplay systems and add more consoles to the release. If funded, Ratatan will be released on PC.

Developer TVT is using their “Theory Engine” to ensure a seamless online multiplayer gameplay adventure, enabling players to join up with friends. Further, Red Art Games will be handling the potential physical release along with merchandise.

You can watch the gameplay reveal trailer below:

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