Ys X Nordics Introduces Dogi & New Characters; New Gameplay Info

Famitsu has shared a preview of what to expect from tomorrow’s issue, which will feature new information about the upcoming Nihon Falcom-developed action JRPG Ys X Nordics.

Dogi’s design has been unveiled, alongside the introduction of a new character, whose name is either Guren or Glen.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on further information as the issue releases tomorrow.

You can view the Famitsu page preview, the new Dogi design, and the new character below:

UPDATE 4/19/2023: The following comment was shared by Kondo:

[Ys X] will tell the story of why Dogi leaves Esteria with Adol and how the familiar pair of Adol and Dogi was established. You can also look forward to the unexpected performance of his “wall-breaking” skills that have become synonymous with Adol’s work.

New character renders and profiles are viewable below, translated by our team’s Ryuji:

New gameplay information includes:

Mana Action: Mana String

This action stretches a string of mana from an antique known as Nornir’s Spinning Wheel and uses its pendulum-like motion to travel to a distant point, similar to a rope. After getting to a certain part of the game, the string can be strengthened by finding a stone slab, which adds the ability to pull out objects to use as footholds or flip switches in the dungeon.

Mana Action: Mana Ride

In this action, the controlling character rides on the Grimble Board, which lifts them off the ground and allows them to glide. It allows smooth movement over water surfaces, allows the player to move through the air by taking a Wind Path, and lets one make large jumps using a specific spot. Furthermore, after a certain point in the game, the Grimble Board can be improved, allowing backward movement, even with strong water currents.

Mana Action: Mana Burst

An action that releases elemental attacks released by Adol’s and Carja’s charge attacks. Adol wields the element of fire, while Carja wields the element of ice. Both can damage enemies within range of their attacks. Mana Bursts can be used not only as a means of attack but also as an action to open up new exploration routes, such as using fire to burn ivy vines that might be blocking Adol’s way in a dungeon or ice to create footholds.

New Ys X Nordics screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

Thanks to PlayStation Blog for sharing the images.

Ys X Nordics will occur between Ys II and Memories of Celceta, making it the new third canonical entry in Adol Christin’s adventure logs. The gameplay has undergone a significant shakeup, with there only being two playable characters this time around.

Special maneuvers can be unlocked via story scenes and exploration, allowing for environmental interaction. Further, in solo mode, the character you’re not controlling performs actions judged by their own discretion.

Unused Ys Seven concepts are being utilized in this outing, too. Ys X Nordics will allow players considerable explorative freedom, enabling naval travel with a recruitable crew and ship combat.

Ys X Nordics will launch in Japan for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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