Tekken 8 Reveals Raven & Azucena

During EVO 2023, Bandai Namco unveiled two new characters for the highly anticipated Tekken 8, Raven and Azucena. Two new trailers accompanied these reveals, highlighting both characters’ fighting styles and personalities.

PlayStation Blog shared official renders, screenshots, and gameplay information.

Azucena, also known as the Coffee Queen, is of Peruvian origin, and she is “the only daughter of the family running the Ortiz Farm, a Peruvian coffee plantation.” She becomes an MMA fighter and joins The King of Iron Fist Tournament to boost the popularity of her family’s farm.

Her Libertador provokes foes, and this stance of hers disables dodging for the boon of “[detecting] and [dodging] her opponent’s high and low attacks.” In her Heat state, Libertador automatically “launches a counterattack after dodging an attack, putting more pressure on her opponent.”

Raven is introduced below:

“Raven is a secret intelligence agent, part of an independent unit under the UN who has engaged in multiple missions to prevent conflicts worldwide, and he is a master of espionage that utilizes ninjutsu. He ventured into training to prepare for his increasingly dangerous duties, where he mastered the art of shadow cloning. That is when he received an order summoning him to a new battle.”

In combat, by using his Soul Field special stance, “he can use a range of versatile attacks, such as mid-range surprise tactics or attacks leveraging his ability to clone and teleport.” Further, the Heat state enhances the efficacy of his shadow clones while enabling him to launch seamless wave attacks. He’s recommended for those who like characters with unconventional, tricky movesets.

You can view official renders and screenshots for both Azucena and Raven via our galleries below:

For more details about these fighters, such as their design concepts, check out PlayStation Blog.

Tekken 8 is the latest installment in the legendary fighting game franchise developed by Bandai Namco. The game continues the saga of the Mishima family’s history and the ongoing battle for supremacy within the Iron Fist Tournament. Players must enter the arena once again and choose the fighter they believe will best this tournament. With a growing roster of fighters, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Gameplay in Tekken 8 has been refined, offering a blend of accessibility for newcomers and depth for seasoned veterans. The developers are focused on bringing new features and improved graphics to enhance the experience for all who play. Whether fighting through the single-player campaign or challenging friends through multiplayer matches, Tekken 8 is looking like a great contender to be a quality fighter.

You can view the Tekken 8 introduction trailer for Raven below:

You can view the Tekken 8 introduction trailer for Azucena below:

Tekken 8 will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC at an unknown time.

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