Unsung Story Comes Back From the Grave With Early Access Trailer

Little Orbit has announced that players can soon be able to play Unsung Story via Steam Early Access “soon.” The game’s Steam page is available to Wishlist the game, but you may want to wait before doing so.

Unsung Story has a long history of development and even a change of developers. The game comes from a largely successful Kickstarter with the promise of designs from Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story). While players are getting all of this, the Early Access period will last a year and a half, with new chapters released during the time. Players will be able to play through the first Chapter and choose from six available classes.

The developer is looking for feedback from players to address in the following chapters and make the game better as a result. There will be new assets added along with features.

Unsung Story was taken over by developer Little Orbit after Playdek failed to deliver the game to Kickstarter backers. The game will feature six chapters in non-linear involving characters on both sides of a 77-year war. There are 45 levels in the game, each with unique obstacles and elements. Players are about to use magic and abilities unique to each character and customize their party across 20 jobs and over 150 unique skills.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development of Unsung Story.

You can watch the Early Access trailer below:

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