Horror Visual Novel ‘Maggot baits’ Gets PC Release Date in the West

MangaGamer announced that the CLOCKUP developed horror visual novel Maggot baits will launch on October 24 on PC-via MangaGamer.

Magot baits is a hardcore horror visual novel that might not be for everyone, but it probably has its audience considering how well-received Euphoria is the west, a title with the same artist. The game takes place in Kajou City, a central metropolis of the Kantou region that was transformed overnight into a demonic city where the supernatural creatures run rampant. What comes out of this is pure chaos and unidentifiable beings called “Witches” began to appear.

Considered to be a loss, the government has quarantined the area with no idea how to help the citizens inside. What comes out of this is an influx in crime as the worst kind of people seemed to have taken over. It ends up being up to one man, Tsunuga Shougo, and a Witch, Carol, to put an end to this struggle.

The game features adventure elements, but also some pretty adult moments of imagery and scenarios. Players will be able to learn more about the Witches as they gain allies to put an end to this madness. However, that doesn’t seem to be an easy task.

In case you missed it, check out our interview with MangaGamer where we talk a little about the series.

You can watch the opening of the game below, please be aware that it is NSFW:

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