Visual Novel “Renai X Royale: Love’s a Battle” Gets September Release Date

Publisher NekoNyan has announced the release date for Renai X Royale: Love’s a Battle. The visual novel developed by ASa Project (Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari – Love For Hire) will be available on PC via Steam on September 30. The Steam page is currently open for wishlisting.

Renai X Royale tells the story of a young man called Komachi Hirotaka. He had a simple routine, which somehow included dodging the advances of his kouhai, chasing idols and hitting on the student council president. One day, a new transfer student confesses her love to him, causing an uproar at school. Many women like him, so this confession was seen as a declaration of war to them. They’ll all fight for his heart and only one can be the victor.

The five main love interests include the idol Amagamine Renna (VA: Shinonome Ria), the single-minded kouhai Hanamaru Mari (VA: Kino Miki), student council president Harizome Shione (VA: Shirotsuki Kaname), another idol called Kagaya Yuna (VA: Kotori Yuuka), and his brocon sister Komachi Nonoka (VA: Anzu Mitsu). Without the protagonist knowing, these girls will start a battle royale to define who is the one worthy of his heart.

Check out a few screenshots for Renai X Royale:

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