Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Speedrunner Achieves Legendary World First 1 Hour and 49 Minute Clear Time

The speedrunning community for the Kingdom Hearts franchise is intensely active, and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is near the top of the most ran titles. For those unaware, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is essentially a director’s cut of the original Kingdom Hearts, and it is packed with a plethora of additional content that was not present in the initial release.

An active runner in the community who goes by Violin has achieved a truly legendary, long sought after clear time during one speedrun today; 1 hour and 49 minutes (1:49:20), to be precise. This category is Any%, meaning that he has to clear the game as swiftly as possible with no added caveats or the like. Further, the skill ceiling for this run is immensely difficult to reach.

Additionally, while this speedrun is done via Beginner Mode, it demonstrates just how strict the run is, making it incredibly more competitive due to low enemy challenge and generally more welcoming admission of participant entry.

You can view the VOD where Violin achieves the world’s first 1 hour 49-minute clear time for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Any% via his Twitch channel.

The VOD is also available on his Youtube channel below:

Huge congratulations to Violin on achieving this truly impressive clear time, and here’s to further success in the future.

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