Final Fantasy XVI — All Chronolith Trials Guide

In Final Fantasy XVI, there are several Eikon-themed challenges you can find at certain stone monuments called Chronolith Trials. After completing them once, you gain rewards, and you can then challenge more difficult variations of them at the Arete Stone in the hub.

The locations for each of these trials are listed below, but note that if you examine one before having the required Eikon from progressing in the story, nothing will occur.

The Hand of Titan – Titan Chronolith Trial

You get The Favor of Earth (Earthern Fury) accessory for winning, increasing Earthen Fury damage by 7%.

Chronolith 3

The Hand of Dione –  Garuda Chronolith Trial

You get The Will of Wind (Aerial Breath) accessory for winning, increasing Aerial Blast will damage by 12%.

Chronolith 4

The Hand of Hyperion – Phoenix Chronolith Trial

You get The Favor of Fire (Flames of Rebirth) accessory for winning, increasing Flames of Rebirth damage by 8%.

Chronolith 5

The Hand of Iapetus – Ramuh Chronolith Trial

You get The Favor of Lightning (Judgment Bolt) accessory for winning, increasing Judgment Bolt damage by 6%.

Chronolith 6

The Hand of Mimas – Bahamut Chronolith Trial

You get The Favor of Light (Gigaflare) accessory for winning, increasing Gigaflare damage by 5%.

Chronolith 7

The Hand of Rhea – Shiva Chronolith Trial

You get the Will of Ice (Diamond Dust) accessory for winning, increasing Diamond Dust will damage by 10%.

Chronolith 1

The Hand of Enceladus – Odin Chronolith Trial

You get The Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel) accessory for winning, increasing Dancing Steel will damage by 20%.

Chronolith 2

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