Doomsday with My Dog Vol. 2 Review – Spending Time With My Best Friends

    Title: Doomsday with My Dog Vol. 2
    Author: Yu Ishihara
    Release Date: April 18, 2023
    Publisher: Yen Press

I’m not sure how Mangaka Yu Ishihara does it, but they’ve put together another fantastic collection of post-apocalyptic stories featuring a girl and her dog. Although the hijinx has nearly tripled in Doomsday with My Dog Vol. 2, Haru still has so much knowledge to share. I believe there is a bit more structure behind the stories within this volume, as some of them connect elements of the past to these current circumstances. Regardless, there is a lot of fantasy to dive into as the characters meet others who aren’t exactly human, but I couldn’t have asked for more.

Doomsday with My Dog Vol. 2 1

The adventures of Haru and their master continue across each page of this manga. I’d say you can pick up and read anywhere, but the final chapter is presented in a more manga-style delivery with a full arc and story on how these two met. Throughout each self-contained story, we get Haru delivering knowledge that is either right or wrong. I just love when he’s wrong, though, because I don’t think he likes to admit it. In retrospect, the best moments of these stories are making your own interpretations of events.

There are high fantasy moments and even some fairytale nodes. I don’t think any stone is left unturned. I do feel like some of the fanservice caught me off-guard, but I’m not complaining. Given how much time you spend with these two characters, it feels like you’re a part of their group. I found myself giving voices to the characters and how they would interact. It makes the entire reading experience a joy, given Haru and his master’s very profound personalities.

Doomsday with My Dog Vol. 2 2

While the narrative moments are brief, there are some drips of real plot points sprinkled around. I wouldn’t say that’s why I recommend this manga, though. Instead, I think the detailed illustrations and wonderful localization are a strong pair for the overall enjoyment factor.

The pages have a texture to them, and the small panels force you to stare into each detailed panel as if it were a Where’s Waldo book. I was just looking at all the set pieces and the surroundings, as well as the character’s faces. Ishihara-sensai is not afraid to zoom in close to the character’s expressions which emphasizes some of the more humorous moments.

Doomsday with My Dog Vol. 2 3

During a time when manga series feel the need to throw twists and turns at the reader, Doomsday with My Dog opts to take a more lighthearted approach to storytelling. It’s become one of my favorite pass times to open these volumes and just read a few adventures. I find myself laughing at different things each time or discovering some character detail that I missed out on. I’d love to go on more adventures with these two, and you should too.


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